Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core (updated 2022) review

You can become elite with the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 Core, but it's still not cheap.

Want to pay less on an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2? You might want the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core, which costs $129 on Amazon. Down though the price has been reduced by $50 to $130 and occasionally even to $110 on sale, it still has the essential qualities of one of the greatest Xbox and PC controllers. It's a desirable option for gamers who want to customize their controllers, but it's not compelling.


  • ·      Retains familiar layout
  • ·      Extensive customization
  • ·      Long battery life


  • ·         Rubberized grips may wear quickly
  • ·         Customization costs extra
  • ·         Poor value

About the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core

  • ·         Price: $130
  • ·         Connectivity: Detachable USB-C, Xbox wireless
  • ·         Dimensions: 6 inches x 4 inches x 2.4 inches
  • ·         Weight: .75 pounds
  • ·         Device compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One S, Xbox One, PC
  • ·         Material: Plastic, rubberized grips
  • ·         Battery: Built-in lithium-ion (up to 40 hours of battery life)
  • ·         Special features: Customizable thumbsticks, four rear paddles (with optional accessory pack), trigger locks

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core and Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers are identical in terms of functionality. The extras that are included with each vary.

An assortment of accessories and a carrying bag are included with the more costly Xbox Elite Series 2. This contains a charging station, a USB-C cable, a thumbstick tension adjustment tool, an alternate D-Pad, and four rear paddles that are optional.

The Elite Series 2 Core just contains the thumbstick tension adjustment tools and USB-C connection, leaving off the most of stuff. The remaining items are offered by Microsoft in an accessory package for $60. However, a number of independent businesses offer them separately for less money.

There is only one more distinction between each model colour. The Elite Series 2 Core has white grips with black handles whereas the Elite Series 2 is black with black handles.

The differences between the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Elite Series 2 Core and the regular Xbox Core Wireless Controller are not immediately apparent. The single distinguishing feature of the Elite Series 2 Core is its black rubberized grips, which contrast with its white plastic body.

It's best that way. The default layout is difficult to beat, but third-party controllers like the SCUF Instinct Pro and Thrustmaster eSwap S Pro offer a unique twist. It is both easy and well-known.

Compared to the basic Core Wireless Controller, the Elite Series 2 Core is more durable. It has thicker-feeling plastics and is heavier (.75 pounds as opposed to the normal controller's.63 pounds). However, not all of it is good news. Compared to the normal controller's plastics, the rubber handles are more prone to scratching.

What explains the higher price if the Elite Series 2 Core feels and looks the same as the basic controller? the features for customization.

Like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, the Elite Series 2 Core may be customised to your preferences. Up to four alternative paddles may be inserted into the back while the thumbsticks and D-Pad are held in place by magnetic devices that can be pushed to disengage.

The thumbsticks allow for adjustable tension, allowing you to choose how much pressure is required to move it. It's useful if you want a really hard or twitchy feel to your thumbsticks. Finally, there are three settings available for the built-in trigger locks. The trigger may need to travel less before activating as a result.

The thumbsticks may be replaced at the top but not at the bottom, which prevents full removal of the thumbstick. That implies that you cannot switch out the stick for another input or if it breaks. This capability is supported by the less priced ($120) Thrustmaster eSwap, which may be attractive to players concerned about joystick drift. Another error in a costly new controller is the absence of Hall effect sensors, a sort of joystick that is resistant to drift. Hall effect sensors are also non-replaceable.

A built-in lithium-ion battery within the Elite Series 2 Core has a 40-hour battery life guarantee and charges through USB-C. With plenty of battery life, it made it through a week of testing. Compared to the conventional wireless Xbox controller, which has a built-in battery.

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Should you buy the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core?

Yes, if you want a customizable Xbox controller

The fact that the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core is an improvement over the Xbox Core Wireless Controller is its strongest feature. An improved controller with customization options and a long-lasting built-in battery is a gain because the default controller is excellent.

However, these features aren't totally free. The Elite Series 2 Core costs $130 (and can be had for as little as $110 during sales), which is twice as much as the regular Xbox controller. Additionally, it costs about the same as the modular controller with interchangeable joysticks, the Thrustmaster eSwap S. If customisation is your objective, the Thrustmaster can be more attractive while having its own benefits and drawbacks. Although the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma is wired, it is jam-packed with features and occasionally available for the same price as or less than the Series 2 Core.

However, a lot of players will still want to use an official Xbox controller, which makes the Elite Series 2 Core built-in appealing. The Elite Series 2 Core is a good compromise between the base controller and the $180 Elite if you desire customization but don't want to look into third-party solutions.

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